Coat Chaos!

This morning (19/10/2020), we (me, Mum, Dad, and my brother) all got up early was we were going to go shopping for my coat (apart from my brother as he had work to do). We first went to Sports Direct, the one in Thurmaston, and we waited for ages as we were early and the shop wasn’t ready to open yet. Once it was ready to open, we stepped inside, sanitised our hands, then went upstairs, we looked for coats but there weren’t any good ones. Then, we went to Asda, which was nearby, and over there, there was one really nice coat which was waterproof, but the problem with that one was that when I wore it, I felt cold. We looked around Asda and we found some really good long sleeves tops.

After that, Dad suggested that we should go to Fosse Park as there might be something good over there. So we travelled all the way there. Because I woke up early, I dozed off in the car, the car came to a stop and I woke up realising that we were nearly there; we just stopped at the traffic lights.

Once we found parking, we first went into this store (as far as I can remember, I think it was next to the Superdrug store), but they didn’t have any coats in black, next we went to Sports Direct, and that’s when finally Dad said that he had found the right coat for me (it had fur in it to keep me warm), but unfortunately, I couldn’t try it due to the COVID-19 situation, so just in case, we took a size bigger, as I had to wear this when I go to school (due to my school uniform).

When we were at the checkout till, Dad asked the lady that was at the counter if, when we go outside, can I try it on to see if it fits me properly (it was a coat anyways), and if it doesn’t can we return it? She said that we can, so once Dad paid for it, we went outside and I tried it on and it fitted me (thank God); this also saves us time because if the lady said no (I wouldn’t understand why if she actually did say no) we would have went back home then if it didn’t fit, we would have gone back the next day.

We finally went back home with a sign of relief as we finally found the perfect coat!

To end on a happy note, thank you for reading this blog post!

Till then,

Passez une bonne soirée!

(Have a lovely evening)



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  1. Sounds like you had a crazy coat shopping adventure. Glad you found one you liked and it fit.


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