I Am Vengeance: Retaliation (Review)

Yesterday, after many attempts to find a good movie on Netflix, we finally came across I Am Vengeance: Retaliation, which is a British-Action movie. At first, I never actually knew that I am watching the second part to I Am Vengeance until I looked it up on Google this morning!

It is about a former special-forces soldier who gets a chance to bring in man who betrayed his team on their final mission several years ago.

It stars Wade Barret and Vinnie Jones in the lead roles.

To be honest, the movie was alright, there was a bit of OTT (over the top) action, which was funny, for example: there was a person shooting with a hand-gun but misses to shoot the enemy (I can get that), but the enemies had machine guns, yet they couldn’t manage to shoot anyone! In my opinion, if we had watched the first part of I Am Vengeance first, we would have understood the plot and the characters much better.

I would recommend this movie to people who love British Action films, but if you are going to watch it, make sure you watch the first part to it!

Hope you like this review!

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5 thoughts on “I Am Vengeance: Retaliation (Review)”

  1. Hey Ria!

    So excited for you to see you have a blog now! Congratulations 🙂

    I haven’t seen this movie but now you’ve made me want to!

    Keep up the great work, and never stop! 🙂

    All the best


    • Thank you so much! My Mum and Dad speak highly about you!


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